Practice Areas



We prepare approximately 400 federal individual income tax returns + 200 federal business income tax returns each year.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients get every deduction they are entitled to, keeping their tax burden as low as possible...while keeping them in compliance at all times.  

Aside from federal & state income tax returns, we also handle sales tax returns, payroll tax returns, 1099s and franchise tax returns.



We offer payroll processing for our bookkeeping and tax clients at  very reasonable rates, usually combined with a flat-rate bookkeeping package. 


Unlike the competition, we don't charge our payroll clients extra fees for quarterly reports and W2s at they generally save at least 50% on annual fees by using our service.



We offer advisory and consultation services in whatever capacity is needed to help our clients deal with the issues at hand.  Sometimes this is in the form of tax estimates, assistance with refi, LLC formation, LLC termination, PPP loan application or PPP loan forgiveness, guidance on setting up a retirement plan for themselves or their employees, how to deal with an unemployment chargeback or an insurance audit.

Virtual Office


Many small businesses discover that it is cost prohibitive to have their own office.  This is where we can save them a lot of having a dedicated office involves paying rent, buying furniture & supplies, providing computers & peripherals, hiring a qualified bookkeeper / administrator / IT person, plus paying for all the software that is needed (bookkeeping subscription, payroll subscription, backup software, tax software, tax practice management software, excel, word, outlook, adobe, remote login, file-sharing software, signature capture software, virus protection....)  We even offer our mailing address, as well as a unique email address so that your clients never know that you don't have full-blown office.



We work with you to design the proper level of involvement and depth that you need to run your business without breaking the bank on accounting fees.  Our target client doesn't necessarily know how to read financials, but they need to know that their books are accurate and in balance, their financials are available for scrutiny at all times by any agency that may request them.  Some clients prefer a more robust package, that may include cash management, insurance administration, billing, bill-pay...and even virtual office....and we offer all of these.

IRS representation


If you are behind on filing your taxes, we will work with you to get you on an expedited path at a discounted rate.  Once you are current with filing, we can also work to get you in an Installment Agreement or into Uncollectible Status or apply for penalty abatement for you.  We will also analyze your specific situation to see if you are a candidate for Offer in Compromise with IRS.  We charge a flat rate, depending upon the complexity of your situation, and we allow you to pay it out in monthly we realize that most people don't have the resources to pay the IRS AND pay someone to help them AND pay to get their back-tax-returns prepared and filed.