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Who We Are

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Gayla spent 30 years perfecting her accounting and administrative skills prior to opening her own accounting and tax practice in Uptown Dallas in 2010.  Along the way, she was able to implement many of the strategies that she had observed her past employers utilize to grow her own little empire, ultimately getting paid to do what she truly loved doing!!!  She realizes that her strength lies in employing good teammates to help implement those strategies for her clients.  Gayla's experience is in wealth management, portfolio management, construction, ranching, real estate, personal service, hospitality and O&G.  Working with so many small business has given her even more insight into issues that affect small business owners....such as payroll, HR issues, job costing, progress billing, pay-aps, lien releases, financials, insurance administration, sales tax, income tax, franchise tax, LLC formations and terminations, as well as insurance audits, sales tax audits and income tax audits.

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Our Team

Left to right:   Albina Jahir-Account Analyst, Patty Jensen-Bookkeeper, Gayla McGinnis​-EA, Jessica Whiddon-Office Manager/PR specialist/QBO ProAdvisor, Brie Seay-Specializing in Individual Income Tax and IRS issues, Chace McGinnis-accounting & tax intern, Misu Uyen Tran-Tax Accountant/Manager of Business Tax Dept, and James Nelson (below), CPA and mentor for entire tax department.

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